Mission Statement and History

After two decades of working with clients at a large insurance company, a boutique investment firm, and a large national investment firm, I felt much was missing from the best possible client experience. The firm's emphasis was always about how products could be presented to entice clients rather than serving the client's best interest. My "Evidence Based Investing" approach was not supported by the firm and I knew I had to make a change for the better. In 2012, I founded Diem Wealth and feel strongly I have created that best client experience. 

Today, as a Fiduciary, our firm is bound by law to put client’s financial interests ahead of ours'. Through Coaching, clients are guided through the maze created by the Financial Industry and the Financial Media. Beyond just numbers and statistics, clients can feel the guidance through all of the usual life events and individualized experiences. I feel my work has been most beneficial when solving complicated problems with easy to understand solutions. 

Benjamin Franklin said "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest". This is the driving idea behind all of my work. This is available to anyone wanting to learn through my Investor Coaching Series™ events and my Baby Boomer Retirement® courses held at the IPFW Alumni Center.

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